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Tips to Make the Home Decor Process Less Stressful

Home Decor Tips

There’s no denying that the process of decorating your new home is thrilling, but at the same time, it comes with its fair share of challenges. The thought of starting a decorating project could either spark excitement or fear, depending on your past experience, your pocket and the amount of time you have.

Everyone’s goal when decorating their house is to showcase their design aesthetics. But sometimes things just don’t seem to work or look as you wanted them to look. The picture might be clear as day in your mind but after implementing it… it just doesn’t seem right. These problems might turn you off from decorating as a whole.

The problem is a lot of us don’t understand the basic principles of decorating, and when you don’t keep those in mind while your home decor project. Something will always seem off. From finding the right color palette to choosing the right furniture that goes with it. Here are a few tips that will get you one step closer to crafting the home of your dreams.

1- Know Your Style

What kind of vibe do you want from your house? How do you want to feel? We all have some image in our minds, mostly a jumbled up mess. And the first step would be to filter out what you actually want from that mess. Get a paper and a pen and write down everything that you want. Write down words that come to your mind, cozy? Geometrical? Playful? Traditional? Modern?

Think of places that you’ve seen and liked, or maybe you stayed at some hotel that made you feel nice.

2- Determine What You Don’t like

The next step would be to list down what you don’t like. It’s easier to list down things that you don’t like and don’t want in your living space. This will help us narrow in on what you really want your living space to look like. We all are different and so, we react differently to different stimulus. Certain smells, colors that might normally be considered nice might evoke negative feelings. Maybe some piece of furniture you had for decades in your house and don’t want to make it a part of your new house. All these emotions and feelings are quite personal and play a vital role in defining our tastes.

3- Do You Have A Favorite Color?

The next thing you need to look for is what color you like. This will help you define the color scheme for your home. There are tons of sample color palettes out there and many websites that help you select what color goes with what and you can always get help from a professional. Once you’ve chosen a color palette. Stick to that and decorate your house accordingly. Choose similar furniture and paintings etc. This technique is used by professionals and works every time. It’s not only used in home decor but other creative fields too, such as cinematography and photography and graphic design.

4- Plan Around Your Space

It’s quite possible that you have a ton of furniture beforehand. And the most common mistake people make is to try and fit it in their new house without planning. Know what you need and know what you don’t, don’t use too large or too small furniture for the space. Look around you. And then decide what furniture goes where. You might realize that you need to get rid of some furniture and might need to buy some new. It’s okay, because this one-time investment will go a long way, and it’ll bring the home improvement cost down if you sell your old furniture. There are a ton of online websites that allow you to do that, other than that you can always do one of those good ol’ garage sales.

5- Mix Expensive And Cheap Items

Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Sometimes going with “unknown” artist or designer is the better option. If you really like something and it seems to fit in. Don’t hesitate at all, sometimes people try to match expensive things with more expensive things and this can not only get you frustrated but might not even look that good. It’s okay to put up a rather cheap painting next to an expensive one if it looks nice. Mixing things like that will open up a lot of option for you.

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