7 Classic Bathroom Design Ideas To Enhance Its Size

Having a small bathroom can be frustrating, but there could be a big possibility that your bathroom has space, but the design makes it looks bloated and small.

Well, you might be wondering that your bathroom is actually small in size. Don’t be worried! Our expert bathroom designs will squeeze the tiniest of space out into the open and make it look magnanimous!

You can make these changes in regular routine, but it would be preferred to have these designs implemented during a bathroom remodeling project!

There are many challenges that one can face while getting the extra space out of the already dwarfing bathroom, so here are some tips that can help you make the most out of your small bathrooms:

1) Place The Sink In Corner

In most of the bathrooms you might have observed the sinks are placed in between the adjacent wall. It can completely disrupt the traffic lane in the bathroom, making it look and feel more congested than it actually is.

By placing the sink in the corner, you can utilize the precious space you have and make room for other necessary things like the shower and flush!

2) Go Bold

Having a door in an already tight space can reduce it more. As the arc length of the door will make things frustrating to place around it, and you will have to sacrifice more space to place other things in your bathroom.

It is a better practice to completely skip our on the shower doors altogether or get a shower curtain. The shower curtain will save you the cost of buying and installing a glass shower door and save you space too!

3) Have A Round Storage Style

Tight spaces can make having a vanity in the bathroom already difficult, and a cornered vanity will be a cause of problems on a daily basis.

You can accidentally hurt your bums while moving around. It is better to have a round style vanity, as it covers lesser space and helps protect your hips from being bruised!

You can also opt for a floating vanity which can help you gather more space on the floors, making a path for stacks and other containers to be placed.

4) Have A Counter Over The Flush

elegant bathroom remodeling 2020

This stylish arrangement will enable you to tap into getting the maximum use out of the space you have.

You can place a counter over the flush extending around it, making the toilet accessibility unaffected!

It will give a minimalistic and clean look. Plus, you can wash your hands while sitting on your toilet seat!

5) Trick Or Treat!

You can trick the brain by using this technique to make your bathroom feel more spacious and vaster. Large scale patterns and wide stripes trigger the brain into thinking the room or the walls are expanded, and there is a lot of space.

The actual size of the bathroom and the traffic space will remain the same though, but it will certainly make the visitors stop complaining about how claustrophobic your bathroom feels!

6) Wall Mounted Trough Sinks

A trough sink is narrower and can give you the traffic space you needed! Having the trough space wall mounted will be a real space saver, as it will make more space for placing storage boxes or shelves underneath the sink.

These sinks have a very low profile, so they don’t take up much space in the bathrooms. And having the faucet wall mounted with the trough sink will also make for a sleek and minimalistic design.

7) Shower Caddies

Thinking about your shower, you can see for yourself as to how much space your shower takes. A lot of the space goes to waste having different containers and boxes around the shower to hold your bath supplies.

This design implementation doesn’t even require bathroom remodeling ideas. Just place a shower caddy that is a sort of rack that you can attach with the shower itself and put all the bathing supplies there.

Hopefully, after following through this article, you will be able to use the space of your bathrooms more efficiently and make it look and feel bigger!

Bathroom Home Improvement

Elegant Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for you in 2020

Bathroom remodeling is often not reason-less. When you decide to remodel your bathroom, you have some reasons behind this decision and some expectations related to it. The main reasons can be to optimize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathrooms.

So, here are some bathroom remodeling ideas that can hopefully serve both of these purposes.

1- Make the most of the space

The best way to optimize the functionality of your bathroom is to make the most of the space. Sometimes the flawed remodeling plans do not focus on this and it becomes the main reason why the functionality of a bathroom is not fully obtained. The first priority should always be focused on functionality. Extravagance and aesthetics come after that.

elegant bathroom remodeling 2020

But sometimes, when the planning is done poorly, people are left with a lot of space in which they can do nothing. So, it is recommended that you make the most out of the space according to your functional requirement and then decide the aesthetic element of the bathroom. A beautiful but nonfunctional bathroom is of no use. You do not want such dumbness to happen in 2020!

2- Pay Great Heed To The Storage Capability Of The Bathroom

Sometimes we forget that a bathroom is a place where we use maybe most of our grooming products. It is the place where we actually and truthfully use every kind of product on ourselves. But we often forget to make enough storage place for those products.

We rush to the room, to the dressing table to bring our body lotion and then rush back to the bathroom to apply it. This hassle happens because of the less storage place in the bathroom. To avoid such messy conditions, while remodeling, make sure that you make a lot of storage spaces in your bathroom for all of your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body washes, lotions, scrubs, towels and some clothes too.

3- Make Great Ventilation Plan

It is important that your ventilation plan in the bathroom is extremely perfect. The moisture, steam, and scents of the products in the bathroom can make the air really suffocating. It is inevitable because it is a natural process. The suffocation can reach to the fatal point even.

But if the ventilation plan is good, this issue can be resolved easily. The air can be ventilated out but if the ventilation is not done perfectly, it will become impossible for a person to stand at such a place.

4- Do Not Make Bath Tub Unnecessarily

Although, the presence of a bathtub makes a bathroom look so cool the truth is that not everyone has time to take regular long baths. So, it is better that you do not make bathtubs if you do not use them. It is suggested that you make only one bathtub in the whole house which can be occasionally used then.

An unnecessary bathtub can only eat up the necessary space which could have been otherwise used in a really good way.

5- Use Good Colors

Many people do not know the importance of using the right colors in the right places. Colors have a great psychological effect on us so it is better that we gather complete knowledge about the usage of colors so they can help us.

Using depressing colors in your bathroom like purple or brown can make you depressed. If the first thing you see in the morning is these colors then you can expect the sad kick-start to your day. however, if you use colors like blue and green then it can make the start of your day very calm.

6- Do Not Follow The Trends

We recommend you to not to follow the trends because trends are nothing but the result of good marketing techniques of companies. You will drain your wallet in the process but if you focus on the quality and personification of the bathroom then few saved pennies would not hurt.

7- Choose Good Bathroom Remodeling Company

It is strongly recommended that you should always be careful in choosing the house remodeling company which is going to remodel your bathroom. The money spent on it is actually the money saved because they will keep you rightly guided in making the best decisions for you.